Wednesday, 23 December 2009

... a thought to ponder.

I find it intriguing how when you're a kid, you go to ridiculous lengths to hide your diary. For example, putting it in a box, inside another box then under your mattress (it wouldn't take a princess to know it was under there). Yet here i am, posting what is very similar to a diary, online, where anyone can read it if they wish to do so, except now, no one really cares. My brother would pick open the padlock on my diary with a pair of scissors just to read my embarrassing ramblings yet i couldn't make him read this if i handed it to him on a plate with a lavish garnish of red money. This is where that story of 'wanting what you can't have' pops up or in this case 'reading what you can't know.'

Interfering people should be more appreciated than they are.

And with this i give you a thought to ponder.

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