Saturday, 26 December 2009

... a love affair.

This is a very short story i wrote earlier today called:
Here today, gone tomorrow

Today, the headlines are about a man who is involved in a 'Love Affair' with God.
A love affair he claims to be completely monogamous.
He says “this is the way we're meant to live”.
“The way we were always meant to live.”
He claims that he is a good man with so much to give; a loyal man who couldn't betray his love for anything.
He would die for them and from what everyone can tell he means it.
He'll be metaphorically crucified for this. Just how God likes the ones he loves.
“We're not meant to love other human beings. By loving other humans we are becoming mere animals. A man who can't control himself is nothing more than a ruthless dog.”
Now this hit a raw nerve with the audience. He better start explaining himself before us lovers become fighters and form a pack.
“Think about what love turns us into. It turns us into a holy-law-breaking machine.”
Now this is getting interesting.
He says that “Love is connected to every sin.”
“Love starts with lust. The physical attraction is enough to send us straight to hell”
Physical attraction comes down to so many different things; the smell of natural pheromones, perhaps in the similarity of how we look. Science makes us believe we can't help falling in love.
Without science we'd all be believers but now with it we're all going to hell. Now raise your hand if you have a few bitter feelings towards science.
“Next comes gluttony and extravagance. It has become common practise to woo your interest with food and gifts.”
Then of course comes pride, swiftly followed by sloth, with envy and greed walking hand in hand closely behind.
“Last comes wrath with envy sometimes making a guest re appearance.”
He asks the reporter “Do you see what I am saying? God is the only one we can love without violating sins. We have these urges because we are meant to love but He puts in the restrictions so that it is not possible.”
Our eyebrows raised and our pupils dilating. We're taking this in. We're listening.
“If God doesn't love us then no one would. The world was made with every living cell doomed to live life alone.
He has made it so He is he only one we are allowed to love.”
We understand “I would rather love God than no one.” But we feel as though we shouldn't.
“But don't pity me. I am much better off for it.”
The reporter then asks the man why he would offer to hang himself up to dry by revealing his love.
And the man answers “Because love makes us do strange things.”
“I want people to listen to me not because I feel I am better than them but because I am better off than them.”
The audience begins to hold their breath as they know what is coming next.
“I just want you all to be forgiven, for you know not what you do.”
And it's then that the audience sits in awe.
Whether or not what they have just read are the ramblings of a guy who's lost his mind or the ultimate betrayed son who gave his life; they listen.
Just in case.
Because no one wants to screw up their second chance at love.

And with this i give you a love affair.

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  1. really enjoyed reading this post! I look forward to reading your work more :)