Wednesday, 30 December 2009

... a new type of gold.

Insane Sane.

Every Monday, my friend and I go down to the beach before sunset. We kick off our shoes and lay back in the sand so we can watch the black turn to navy turn to orange then turn to the seemingly tiny spark on the horizon.
We watch the stars in the black.
The moon in the navy.
The birds in the orange.
Then we bathe in the sun that shines on the both of us, alone and nothing else matters.

It's then that we stand up and walk along the shore with the metal detector in hand, searching for that hidden treasure. We do this because if we can find treasure then we can find perfection; it's the same odds.
Like metal detectors, friendships and loves are one of the only things in life that can maintain your childhood optimism; the thought that somewhere, out there, there is something or someone better waiting for you.

“What can turn the sane insane would turn the insane sane.”
Now my friend and I, our friendship has a common bond that ties us together and that is the belief that the thing that makes or breaks your mental state is the uncertainty of people.
It's the belief that with relationships, every time you think you've found something it just turns out to be another bottle cap in the sand. You hear the beep and your heart skips a beat but at closer inspection you realise it's just not what you're looking for.
You're looking for gold. For beauty. For rarity.
So all you can do with the bottle cap is to recycle it; send it off for someone else so that they can find a better use for it.
And so, you keep on walking, coming across new bottle caps and small change. The optimism keeps you going, but let's face it, everything worth finding was found years ago and all that remains are the recyclables.
But then again, it's man who decided the worth of gold and the worth of the bottle caps.
We have this built-in ideal for beauty and function but the stakes are getting higher and higher with every turn of every decade.
It seems to be forgotten that these recyclable trinkets serve a purpose yet gold no longer does.
We rid ourselves of people because they can't compete with what we think we deserve. But nothing in life is easy, so what should make love any different? Besides, no one likes simplicity, if everything was easy then we'd have nothing to talk about because nothing would surprise you. Communication plays a big role in friendship and love, so if it was simple, then we'd have no need for other people.
Because of man and everything we've done, gold comes at a price that isn't deserving.

This is why my friend and I walk. We walk to remind ourselves to stay close to the ground.
We walk for the company.
We walk to find gold because we know we'll never find it.
And if we never do then I'll be perfectly happy knowing that I have already found my treasure.
In him.
My bottle cap in the sand.

And with this i give you a new type of gold.


  1. I love it! This is my favourite so far I think =] All the stars go to Miss Swift.

  2. Filled with wisdom for someone so young...yet it is my belief that we should listen to the youth of today because it gives me hope that our world will be safe in the hands of todays young men and women, when the tommorrows come. Outstanding post.

  3. excellent!
    how beautifully you have explained the thoughts,i love the way. thanks for nice post and feel , have to hound on your blog very often!

  4. excellent blog, laura--
    very well-written and
    thoughtfully intimate;
    you'll maake a fine screenwriter.

    manfred von, SGF