Thursday, 4 February 2010

... a plea.

Yes that is Cohen's Masterpiece from the Bioshock soundtrack in the background... i justify it's placement as i would like it as the soundtrack to the more ominous moments of my life... plus it's a great game.

And with this i give you a plea.


  1. besides you are clever you are beautiful :)
    sorry that I didn't tell u sth about the subject :)

  2. I believe I can definitely help with this one but will need to give it some thought. Will DM u on Twitter re the rest.

    I think its great that you've taken on a new (very exciting) project. I believe that with your level of passion for what you do, that you will be successful in your adventures/endeavours!

  3. minority dies
    white girl falls over
    car won't start in moment of crisis
    someone jumps through a window

    Like this?

  4. yes, perfect, hah.
    i need more of your horror expertise matt.

  5. -phone won't work, torch won't work, shit always broke
    -having sex means you will soon die, FORNICATION IS THE WORK OF THE DEVIL
    -shitty p.o.v shot flying through trees or heading towards victim or whatever
    - stopping to ask directions = death
    - average person seems to own all kinds of weapons, have them lying around house
    - invincible bad guy, a la michael myers
    - someone grabs a shoulder, makes person think its the monster, only for it to be a friend grabbing the shoulder. don't scare people when bad shit is going down.

    i can't think of anything else right now.