Tuesday, 13 July 2010

... one free turn.

One Hundred Years of Toys, Dice and String.

If you were to imagine every step you've ever taken as a roll of a dice.
We stop, we watch others, we roll, we move.

Then imagine the strings, the more strings, the more complications to your body.
One to your hand, one to the other.
One to your foot and one to another.
Then the most important trigger is the one in your mouth.
The simplicity controls your body and there are no surgeons here so no heart
strings. We play as you but never your depths.
Forget how we feel, all we need is a needle and thread to bind us together.

Then imagine that everything is so much smaller.
We're the toys that get lost amongst the cracks; the toys with the broken weapons because no kid will ever know how to treat us properly.
Yet when no one is around we hold ourselves so high because there is no one around to break us.

Then imagine what 100 years is in the grand scale of things.
It is nothing to the world, but everything to us..
So forget the grand scale, i will look at the smaller things because i can't see
past my next roll.
Each person i know holds a string and one by one they will let go but i'll keep hold of the trigger.

At least in this world nothing is real.
No surgeons, no nerves.
Just cotton, string and little chance that i will ever see,
past the toys, the dice and the string.
Each one of my steps is numbered.
In life, we hit the end and we fall off the board but in this scenario, step 100 is followed by 1.
Oh how i love to play these games.

And with this i give you one free turn.